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June 12, 2017

Dick McLaren was a World War II Army veteran and was awarded the Bronze Star. In his later years he became Fire Chief of San Anselmo in Marin County, CA.  He’d grown up in San Anselmo in a bygone era when he and his friends would pass the time by damming up creeks so they’d have a place to fish and play in the water.

The interesting part is that Dick McLaren didn’t know how to swim. In fact, he was sure that it would keep him out of having to fight in World War II. The recruiting officer didn’t hesitate when Dick told him of this major obstacle and put him on the next ship to North Africa.

Dick McLaren came home. He considered himself one of the lucky ones. He was p...

January 9, 2010

It was a less than stellar day on the North Shore of Oahu with a steady cross wind and occasional showers.  My buddy and I decided to paddle out at Backyards since nobody else was out.  The waves were still chest high and semi clean and since there was no crowd we were happy with our decision.

            We’d been in the water for about an hour when a father and son joined us on their tandem board.  The Dad looked like he knew how to paddle so I figured he knew what he was doing except for the fact that his lanky 8 year old son was way to far forward on the board.

            I remember thinking to myself...

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