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Over the years many of us have spent time in the water either surfing, diving or sailboarding. On occasion, our abilities as watermen have been called into action in order to help rescue someone in their time of need. In most instances our efforts are successful and that person lives to surf or dive another day. However, tragically, that is not always the case. The biggest challenge is what happens to the family members that are left behind.

Some of us give back through our involvement in organizations like the Surfrider Foundation. Others will participate in beach clean ups. Our goal is to combine the efforts of the surf community that is made up by everyday watermen and also the surf companies that benefit from our passions for the water.

Establish a network of contributors through Facebook and other Social Media sites. Reach out to Surfline, Shop-Eat-Surf, Surfrider Foundation and endemic publications to promote interest and knowledge of the FWF.


Mark Hanley

Founder and President

Mark is a veteran of the athletic footwear industry. He finished up a 15 year stint at Vans as a Vice President of Sales in order to spend more time in Northern California with his family and to clock more days at his home break of Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

He is currently a National Sales Manager at TOMS Footwear Company, a B Certified Corporation.

Besides surfing, he is a competitive masters swimmer and cyclist. His best surf sessions are those with his daughter and son. He’s also lucky enough to have a wife that supports his passion for the water!

Robert Bixby Green


Rob founded Cojo Bay Advisors in 2004 to provide unbiased financial planning to individuals and small businesses. His firm serves clients throughout the United States. 

He is very active within his community.  He is a member of the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.  In addition, he is a past board member of the Swedish American Patriotic League and the Sveadal Board of Governors, and chairman of the Sveadal Fire Committee and the Sveadal Fundraising Committee.  He serves on the council of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.  He is a past Committee Chairman with The Guardsmen of San Francisco. 

In his free time, he is an avid snow skier, sailor, surfer, SUP paddler, devoted husband, and father of two.

Remington Hotchkiss


Remington is a dedicated entrepreneur whose muse is the ocean. A day at the ocean; surfing, diving, kayaking, fishing, etc is always a welcoming getaway from the day-to-day obligations.

He grew up surfing from Huntington Beach to Santa Cruz and everywhere in between. He’s travelled the world in search of waves from Bali – Australia – New Zealand –South Africa – Nicaragua – Fiji, and more. Cool fact, he was one of the first to paddle out at Cloud Break the day the restrictions were lifted in 2010. It was a heavy day…

For years he has understood and respected the immense power of the ocean. And like most of us, somehow he has always managed to make it out of some hairy situations unscathed.

But in August 2015, Remington suffered an L1 Vertebrae Burst Fracture while surfing, which nearly caused him to be paralyzed. It was at this point in time that he recognized things can go wrong in a matter of seconds due to the raw power of nature. Anything can happen to anyone, at anytime, regardless of skill and experience.

Since his accident, he has made a full recovery and is back in the water. He resides in Pasadena CA with his Wife Jennifer and two children.

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